Lulu’s Cafe

7149 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Some say we have an “eclectic menu”…others call it the “reinvention of the carving board.” Whatever the designation, we are Lulu’s Cafe of L.A. and we are taking the concept of a “sandwich restaurant” to a whole other level.

But, make no mistake: Lulu’s is far from being just a “between the bread” eatery satisfied with simply offering our clientele run-of-the-mill sandwiches and accompaniments – simple, healthy and delicious menu items range from popular breakfast selections like our scrumptious Pancakes and French Toast and continue through classics such as our Applewood Smoked Bacon BLT with garlic aioli spread, Chicken Chow Salad, and Caprese Summer Salad. We have even spun a new, enticing twist on the usually boring side salad, instead of concocting a meaningful heaping of mixed greens, carrots, beets, tomatoes, red cabbage and hearts of palm. At Lulu’s, we’re all about doing things differently.


Beyond the attentive, almost personalized service, unique menu creations and unbeatable value-for-the-dollar, Lulu’s have also become a celebrity-sighting place within the star-studded L.A. stratosphere; of course, is located on Beverly Boulevard doesn’t hurt in that regard. It’s not often that a casual restaurant boasts of prime “people watching” perspectives and draws, but Lulu’s has it – whether it’s citing the garden-variety glamazons parading by the outer paddock clutching Gucci bags and teetering on sky-high stilettos or marveling at the throngs of tourists absolutely floored by the famous L.A. vibe.

Take a seat inside our inviting dining area and prepare to be swept away into a charming land of rustic, cozy elements beckoning you to try our Salmon Benedict, Granola, Bagel and Salmon Platter, Fritada with Fruit Salad, Huevos Rancheros, Chocolate Banana Pancakes or perhaps one of our melts like the Chicken Pesto and Pepper variant. Love peppers and olives? Our incredible Greek Salad won’t disappoint. Neither will our Caprese Sandwich served on a Panini with buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, and vinaigrette.

You really haven’t experienced the bright lights and swingin’ city feels of L.A. until you’ve been to Lulu’s Café!